Letter of Introduction to Wyrmrest Temple

Archmage Aethas Sunreaver

World of Warcraft

My queen,

It has been discovered that the ley line intersection at Moonrest Gardens was unfettered by the blue dragonflight. Their forces used a surge needle to destroy the capstone, but instead of flowing the power back to the Nexus, they utilized a series of foci to clumsily run and augment the power under the land to the Azure Dragonshrine.

Needless to say, this has had dire consequences wherever the magic shot up through the ground. The Ancients of the woodlands, the Kalu'ak, and other creatures in the region have been adversely affected. <name>, the <race> who stands before you, was very helpful in tracking down and dealing with these issues.

In my opinion, <name> could be useful for Wyrmrest in dealing with the problems that the temple currently faces. I humbly ask that you consider <him/her> an asset, one which I found to be quite acceptable.

Yours ever respectfully,

Aethas Sunreaver

Archmage and Member of the Six