Ironband's Progress Report

Prospector Darteus Ironband

World of Warcraft

Honorable Colleagues and Truthseekers

The site's excavation continues, but it is slowed by the Troggs mentioned in my last report. I am confident they can be dealt with, even if some of these Troggs are more aggressive than usual.

More artifacts were found recently, though in all cases but one (which I will discuss below), recent findings are of the same caliber as before - interesting, if not enlightening.

There has been one exception. The peculiarly carved idols found recently (a brief description of these was included in my last report) seem to have an effect on the Troggs at the site. They are drawn to the stone carvings, and some Troggs are driven berserk by them!

More study is required for any conclusions regarding these idols, but I remain hopeful that they will shed light on a link between the Troggs and the Titans.

Lastly, I must restate my request for blastpowder. My supplies are very low, which severely hampers the success of the excavation. I was told a resupply of blastpowder was forthcoming, though I have not yet received it.

What, may I ask, is the delay?


Prospector Darteus Ironband