Artificer Maatun's Journal

Artificer Maatun

World of Warcraft

My father called the stone the Dream of Argus, though I've come to understand it has been known by other names in the past. It was a crystal of great power, capable of sustaining an entire village on its energy alone. Some say that it was a gift passed on to our family by the naaru during the exodus from Argus - a connection that would explain its fabled power. Such speculation is for naught, however, since the crystal has been broken for as long as I can remember. The Shards of the Dream, as I call them, appear as powerless as any of the latent crystals found in the deep mines of Shadowmoon. I continue to seek a means of rejoining them in hopes that one day the Dream of Argus can be reborn, and that the draenei people could use it to flourish on our home of Draenor.

On a prospecting mission with some of the local Rangari, we happened upon a small enclave of Shadowmoon orcs, who were investigating the same mineral deposits. In idle discussion, the orcs spoke of rituals that they use to fuse smaller crystals together into large structures that can be stored with magical energy. I had never held previous interest in the Shadowmoon orcs' strange magics, but it seems it may hold the key to restoring the Dream of Argus.

I must investigate this further.

The prelate council has denied my request for an envoy to be sent to the Shadowmoon orcs. They believe such an investigation to be folly, and that I am simply desperate to restore a broken relic. They cannot force me to stay, however. On the morrow I will strike out on my own, in hopes that the Shadowmoon will be willing to assist me in my efforts.

I have travelled for days and have yet to come upon an orc of the Shadowmoon clan. Though there had been a noticeable lapse in trade with the orcs, we were unaware at how reclusive they had become recently. It is clear that I must make the perilous trek up the western cliffs. I can see the massive stone monoliths carved with the runes of their clan looming above the plateaus. I must seek the Shadowmoon there.

It appears that the Shadowmoon have withdrawn into their fortifications, though for what reason I am unsure. As I reached the top of the cliffs, I could see the members of their clan gathered in numbers I have never seen before in one place. The orcs acted strange, however they were not unfriendly. They called this place the Pillars of Fate, and it appeared as if they were readying some great magical rituals. When questioning about the purpose of the rituals, or the recent reclusiveness of their clan, the orcs only offered cryptic responses.

They did seem to be willing to discuss their methods of crystal reconstruction. An orc that was tending to some crystal structure of unknown purpose directed me to one called Lor Stonefist. She was a warrior of the Shadowmoon, as I understood it, and showed a particular affinity for the crystals native to the land.

I was told she spent most of her time in the crystal cave to the north of the encampment. There she studied the native crystals for ways to improve their potential abilities. I will seek her there.

Stonefist was a tall and imposing woman. Her brutish features belied her intelligence, and I was quite surprised at how knowledgeable she was when we discussed the restoration of the crystal. She boasted that with the help of the Shadowmoon's magics, she could recombine any crystal to be as flawless as it would have been in nature. I would need to enlist the help of two other orcs in the camp in order to accomplish this: Vok Blacktongue and Koros Soulsplinter.

Blacktongue, was a high ritualist of Shadowmoon, and a master runecarver. The ritual required a precise arrangement of runes, and due to the unique nature of my crystal we would require the work of an expert. She mentioned that the orc could normally found in one of the runemaster's huts in the southern part of the camp. They could be identified by the standing stones surrounding the structure, as well as the floating runestones above.

The other, Koros Soulsplinter, may be more difficult to locate. A reclusive hermit, Soulsplinter preferred to spend his time out of sight of the living. It is said, however, that he can often be seen among the graves upon the high hill, overlooking the camp below. There he would commune with the dead ancestors, whom it is said he preferred over his living brethren.

I have managed to locate the two orcs, and they have agreed to assist myself and Stonefist. I will admit that their magic is strange to me, but I am mostly ignorant of these things. If their magic will help in restoring the Dream of Argus, then it is far from me to question it.

We located an empty cave on a terrace overlooking the Shadowmoon's great keep, Anguish Fortress, and under the instruction of Stonefist, I began constructing an altar. With the combined knowledge of draenei artificing and Shadowmoon mystic rune carving, we should be able to create a device capable of combining any crystal into its original form. The Dream of Argus will be reborn!

Construction continues on the altar device, however my allies appear to be growing restless. Some unknown force is stirring among the Shadowmoon, and they grow more hostile by the day. The orcs assisting me constantly argue in their language that I do not understand, and I fear they may not wish to help me much longer.

I will continue to work, despite the growing tension. The fate of the draenei may very well rest on this crystal.

The device is nearly complete, though I am growing concerned with my presence among the Shadowmoon. The clan seem to be mobilizing an army, and I can see their sorcerers conjuring foul beings from the forbidden realms. I am beginning to feel like a prisoner here among the pillars.

I can only hope that the Shadowmoon will let me return to the draenei once my mission is complete.

I have been betrayed. We had completed the device, but before I was able to activate it and restore the crystal, the orcs turned on me. Stonefist stuck the blow, which left me broken and useless at the foot of the device. I could only watch as each orc took a piece of the crystal for themselves before I was dragged away. I now sit chained to the base of a heavy runestone, awaiting my fate. My only wish now is to see my people again one last time.