Blood-Spattered Zandalari Journal

Unknown [World of Warcraft]

World of Warcraft

I tell them others the loa don't speak to me, but I see them all over, I hear them talk about me, I hear them tell me to give up. They hungry for flesh, them loa. They hungry for hate. They give up on me. I learn fast I better take what I want because no spirit going to give me nothing.

I tell the elders I want put in the ring, they tell me I crazy, going to get killed. Tell me to take the rock test. Lift them heavy stones over my head, show my back is strong, get a job pushing plow living on dirt. Them elders don't see the real me. But I see the spirits, all around their heads, even the ones they don't see. Them spirits see right through me. Hate me. Gotta prove them wrong.

I get in the ring, get them heavy hammers in each hand. They feel good. Feel better when I smash some heads. Feel best slick with blood. When a troll got nothing to lose they see it, I don't care how big they are. They don't show the fear but the spirits see. Can't hide fear from the spirits.

I ain't supposed to draw blood but I go for the head, that's where the hate feels best. Spirits abandon them others once I done with them. Now they afraid of me. Better that way. I see you, spirits. I know you best.