Megacharge's Cookbook

Unknown [World of Warcraft]

World of Warcraft

This heavy book contains recipes and uses for various types of explosives, from conventional to exotic. You quickly flip through to the section entitled "Anti-Magical Ordnance."

"If you've ever gotta take down some kind of magic barrier, then you might have to get a bit unconventional with your munitions. You could stack an ogre-sized heap of dynamite against one and you're only likely to end up with some scorched ground, and maybe a missing limb or two.

"Fortunately, Megacharge has got you covered there, with the Arcane Bunker Buster (patent pending)!"

"To make one, you'll first need to acquire some high grade, precision blasting powder. Here in Blackfuse Company, it's pretty easy to come by, since they use it for all of the cannons.

"If you're elsewhere in the world, though, you'll need to find a top-of-the-line producer, as only the finest blasting powder will work in this application."

"For a detonator, you'll need one of those high-charge electric deals. The Arcane Bunker Buster requires a lot of juice to go off, so your average detonator just won't do."

A note is attached to this page:

"Reminder: Order more high-voltage detonators. The last shipment was lost off of the Shadowmoon coast near the demon-inhabited cliffs. Maybe we should send a diving team to salvage."

"The final, and most important ingredient for the Arcane Bunker Buster, is a sizable quantity of demon blood. The unique properties of the magic-infused blood combine with the blasting powder into an incredibly potent mixture.

"When ignited by a high-voltage electric charge, this combination will explode in a magically-charged explosion, sufficient enough to take down most arcane barriers.

"Just make sure to take cover before the thing goes off."