Decoded Twilight Text

Twilight Keeper Havunth

World of Warcraft

For immediate dissemination to all Twilight's Hammer members.

The following information describes the use of wind stones for communication with our masters in the Abyssal Council.

All frivolous use of wind stones will be punished in a most painful manner.

-Twilight Keeper Havunth

Abyssal Templars

As an initiate you are permitted to establish contact with Abyssal Templars for routine rituals. Remember to always don the proper garb when utilizing wind stones to avoid activating our defensive enchantments.

Should an unforeseen emergency arise with no overseers present, you are granted permission to summon an Abyssal Templar.

For details on the summoning rituals involved, refer to last month's True Believer.

Abyssal Dukes

Only acolytes in possession of a medallion of station are permitted to establish contact with the Abyssal Dukes. Medallions of station are only to be used by the individuals to whom they were originally issued.

Members of the Twilight's Hammer involved in unapproved communication with Abyssal Dukes or unauthorized use of medallions of station will be disciplined with by myself personally.

The High Council of Abyssal Lords

Only Twilight Lords are permitted to contact Prince Skaldrenox, High Marshal Whirlaxis, Baron Kazum or Lord Skwol. Under no circumstances are any low ranking members of the Twilight's Hammer allowed to initiate communication with the High Council. Any outsiders found using a wind stone in this manner will be reduced to ashes on the spot.