Bloodsail Orders

Fleet-Master Firallon

World of Warcraft

Bloodsail Orders

Pay close attention to these here words, me hearties. This be our final shot at Booty Bay.

Pretty-Boy has failed me for the last time. His replacement remains in the north. He'll lead the invasion by land, through that blasted tunnel.

Captain Keelhaul and the Riptide will come in from the southwest and negate any cannon fire from the tip of the Cape. He'll need men, gunpowder, and plenty of extra ropes.

The Damsel's Luck will drive directly into the harbor and open fire. Her captain will be ordered to take no prisoners - any man, woman, or child found consorting with the Blackwater Raiders of Booty Bay will be sent straight to Neptulon's locker.

I'll lead the attack from the rear, with the Crimson Veil. We'll offer cannon support and protect from any raiders that come to defend their precious Booty Bay.

There is no exit plan here, boys. Once we arrive in Booty Bay, we burn her down and take her over, or we die trying. Take that message to heart.

--Fleet-Master Firallon