Stormpike's Request

Gringer Stormpike

World of Warcraft

Master Longbeard,

As you know, we Stormpikes have an eye for excellence, and so the quality of your shields is no mystery to us.

I, therefore, am keen to commission you for such a shield. I have included specifications on the following page:

-Perfectly round, spanning from fist to elbow.

-Studs along the edge. Silver.

-One large stud in the center, spanning three finger widths. Silver.

-Oaken, and reinforced with iron.

-My name, Gringer Stormpike, etched across the top rim.

Payment will be made through the usual channels. And do give the bearer of this request a standard, delivery stipend. You may add it to the cost of the shield.

Sincerely, and many thanks,

--Gringer Stormpike