Brazie's Notes On Naughty Night Elves

Brazie Getz

World of Warcraft

Let's be honest. Since the end of the Third War, Night Elf girls have heard it all. In fact, they'd already heard it all long before you or I was born.

If you want to engage the mind of a Night Elf girl, you're going to have to stand out. Sure, we've all heard the tales of Night Elf lasses dancing on mailboxes and stripping to pay for Nightsaber training. True or not, if you want to light that lovely lady's lips up with a smile, you gotta be unique, memorable and confident.

Start off by showing that you're looking for more than a gal with looks. Sure, she can bounce, she can dance, but can she hold a decent conversation? Does she even understand the proper use of a samophlange? Does she know how to have a fun time?

There's nothing worse than bringing a Night Elf to a party, only to watch her stand awkwardly by herself, breaking conversation only to lament the loss of her Highborne sister during the War of the Ancients.