Scout's Journal

Unknown [World of Warcraft]

World of Warcraft

I've found an incredible site!

The whole area pulsates with the hum of ancient architecture.

If it were not so late in the day, I would investigate the chamber immediately!

Sleeping, tonight, will be a struggle...

A most productive day, today!

The chamber is indeed of ancient origin, and houses a magnificent mechanism which seems to be in disrepair.

I will investigate further tomorrow.

This discovery will surely force Schnottz to take notice of me!

How could he deny me a promotion after something like this?

It has taken me all day to wrestle the cipher from these hieroglyphs: Through eyes of blue is starlight revealed. Ten shards, one rod, and the veil disappears.

Forget Schnottz and his empty promises!

If I can just unravel this riddle, its secrets shall be mine!

I've done it!

Using sapphire from the chamber's adornments, I have fashioned a pair of goggles. With them, I am able to see things previously hidden from view.


With luck, my next entry will find me a newly rich man!