Letter From Gul'dan


World of Warcraft


The Burning Legion has returned, and now is the time for the Shadow Council to be reformed. I may not be the Gul'dan you once knew, but be assured that I represent everything he worked for... and more.

It is time for you to come out of hiding and return to the fold. If you know of any skilled warlocks interested in joining us, now is the time to call them into service.

Gather all true supporters of our cause and go to Scholomance. The Book of Medivh was given to the necromancers there long ago, and it is time we take it back. Do this with the utmost speed, then make your way to aid Allaris in Tol Barad. He is tasked with retrieving the Eye of Dalaran.

Accomplish these tasks and there will be a place for you at my side. To you will be given the glory of wielding the Scepter of Sargeras. With it you will tear this world asunder and usher in the age of the Legion!

Remember: Our masters do not take kindly to failure.