Tiffany's Notebook


World of Warcraft

Crystal Shell:

This component was retrieved from the armor of a truesilver crab. Truesilver crabs are a very rare creature and have been known to show up in Northern Stranglethorn.

Crystal Core:

An adventurer gave one of these to me in exchange for services rendered. He said he collected it from the corpse of an elemental geode in Deepholm. I'd still love to visit that world someday.

Crystal Scale:

I was fortunate enough to have survived a battle with a nether whelp while mining ore in the Twilight Highlands. I cut a scale off the beast as a reward for my victory.

Crystal Heart:

Another rare find. A hunter I was traveling with through the Vale of Eternal Blossoms came back with a golden hare. It was the most exotic thing I had ever seen. After skinning and gutting it, we discovered that its heart was made of a deep yellow jewel.

Crystal Shard:

I purchased one of these from a traveling vendor. He had mentioned a land called Highmountain where great beasts keep rock elementals as pets. Apparently this shard had come from the body of a fallen rock elemental.

Crystal Plume:

There are sacred, crystalline owls in the forest of Moonglade. Rarely do they shed their plumage, but when they do, if you're there at the right time you can gather one of their plumes before some other wilderness creature grabs it up.