Shadowmoon Rubbing

Unknown [World of Warcraft]

World of Warcraft

Today, a bright fire exploded across the heavens, and four great white stones fell from the sky.

One such stone landed in the plains below our village.

We know not what it is. Is it a gift from our ancestors?

Shortly afterward, a shadow appeared in the sky beneath the pale moon. Some stare at it in fear, others in adoration.

The clan has given it many names: great father, dark mother.

The Chieftain calls it the "Dark Star."

Since the crystals fell, our power has grown in ways we do not fully understand.

We have always spoken the language of the stars and the earth. Now, we hear another - the voice of shadow.

Yesterday, we found one of our clan defiling the spirits of our ancestors.

The Chieftain is livid. It is clear - this new magic is dangerous. It leads us down a path from which we cannot return.

From this day forth, let it be known. The powers of shadow are forbidden to the clan.

The "Dark Star" is evil.