Crawgol's Silithid Field Guide


World of Warcraft

<Crawgol's handwriting is large and uneven, little better than a childlike scrawl.>

The sillu- scilla- <Several misspellings are crossed out> silithid are bug-type animals, not vegetables (at least without a fight). They live in the under the ground, except when they are not. Some of them fly? (I think).

They taste REAL BAD.

Most silithid are made of bug parts. They have between none and eightish legs (depending on how they died?)

Burning makes them die. They have shells (called "cara pieces" because they are made from cara obviously) that can't be stabbed unless you do it hard.

They can dig fast but I don't know how fast because they dig in the dirt.


Almost all silithid come from holes, usually in the ground.