Covert Ops Plans: Alpha & Beta

Unknown [World of Warcraft]

World of Warcraft

Okay, you should have your NG-5 charges and detonators ready. I've labeled them for you... Blue is for the lumber mill. Red is for Windshear Mine.

I did some scouting, and there are enough explosives throughout Windshear Crag that it shouldn't be a problem at all for you to get in, plant the explosives, and then get out before detonating them.

Remember, this is a distraction. Get far from the wagons before the goblins get there to check out what happened, then sneak in behind them.

Be careful with them by the way. The Nitromirglyceronium alone could reduce you to dust. I've encased some of the liquid in copper tubes which should keep it stable and safe.

The scroll you got from Collin I used on the detonator boxes. They will now send a silent message to the NG-5 charges after you've set them. I used a simple Stalthwargon mechanism to make sure the wire conductivity is optimal and the flow of the Nitroglyceronium between the differential fluid is better than average.

Before I get back into the details about my design, let me explain where you should place the explosives.

Plan Alpha- the lumber mill:There's a wagon out in front of the lumber mill (this is northeast of their deforestation and lumber collection construct). I suspect the engineering plans are inside of the lumber mill.

To plant the charge, head to the back of the wagon. Once it's set, make haste and get some distance.

When you're ready, hit the detonator.

I've ensured a strong signal by routing copper and silver wires with a Melthusian antenae array within the casing of the box. That should give you good range. Just be careful of the goblins nearby. They won't appreciate my creation if they catch you in their site.

Oh, just in case it wasn't obvious, don't be near the wagon when it blows... it'll hurt.

Plan Beta- Windshear Mine:I saw the goblins using another wagon of explosives north of the mine's entrance. I think that should be a good enough place to plant NG-5 Charge (Red). After you set the charge in the back of the wagon, get some distance and hit the button. If the goblins don't come running to check out the commotion, it's probably because the mountain came down on top of their heads.

The Venture Co. Letters are outside the mine... I think on some crates on the bottom level.

Good luck, and remember...Blue Charge: lumber mill

Red Charge: mine

Oh, and destroy this letter after you've accomplished your mission. Hmm, maybe I should look into a way to make these things destroy themselves after they're read. That's not a bad idea...