Mor'zul's Instructions

Mor'zul Bloodbringer

World of Warcraft

To bind a dreadsteed, you must do these three things:Create a Circle of Greater Summoning.

Within the Circle, open a portal to Xoroth and pull the dreadsteed through it.

Defeat the dreadsteed, then dominate its spirit.

The following pages will detail how each of these steps may be performed. It will not be easy, but you have proven to be very able. With focus and skill, I am confident the dreadsteed will be yours.

Read on,

-Mor'zul Bloodbringer

Implements of the Ritual

Before you begin your task, you must have the following magical implements:J'eevee's Jar

A Black Lodestone

Xorothian Glyphs

My servant Gorzeeki will have them for you, for a price. Do not attempt any step of your ritual without all of these implements. Each is essential.

Within the next pages, I will describe how each implement must be used.

Circle of Greater Binding

A Circle of Greater Binding must be created at a site where magic is strong. There is such a place deep in the ruins of Eldre'Thalas, also called Dire Maul. In Eldre'Thalas there is imprisoned a being of great power, Immol'thar; it is on the pedestal of his prison where you must perform the ritual to create the Circle.

Fight your way to the Pedestal, then let J'eevee out of his jar.

The Bell, the Wheel and the Candle

After releasing J'eevee he will then place the Bell, the Wheel and the Candle, and a circle will appear. This is the start of the ritual. You must be vigilant; the aforementioned objects conduct vast energies and are prone to failing. When this happens you must quickly use your Black Lodestone to restart them before your entire ritual fails.

If all three objects have failed before you can restart them, then your ritual ends and you must begin it anew.

In addition to conducting the energies of the ritual, the Bell, Wheel and Candle have unique properties of their own.

The Bell of Dethmoora, when ringing, bestows warlocks in the circle with vigor and energy.

The Wheel of the Black March, when spinning, protects those in the circle from harm.

The Doomsday Candle, when burning, sends eldritch energy at foes who enter the circle.

Because of these blessings, it is very important to keep all of these objects working during the ritual.

It must also be noted that the Black Lodestone, used to restart the Bell, Wheel or Candle if they fail, requires soul shards. Each time you restart a ritual object with the Lodestone one of your soul shards will be consumed, so be sure to have a large stock of them before the ritual begins.

Completing the Ritual

You can track your progress by the magic runes along the border of the circle. When nine runes appear then the ritual is complete, and you will see energy rise from the newly empowered Circle.

From there, you may invoke the Xorothian Glyphs and open a portal into Xoroth and pull a dreadsteed through it.

Defeat the dreadsteed and release his spirit. Confront the spirit and it will be enthralled, and you will be rewarded with the secret of its summoning.