Research Notes

Willem West

World of Warcraft

A most encouraging breakthrough! I was finally able to summon a simulacra of life in the form of a small green dragon, but it initially appeared as though this was merely a fluke, as no other wielder could replicate the effect.

Through some experimentation--and a sudden shocking heat in my pocket--I discovered a forgotten green dragon scale in that pocket, and the pieces fell into place. The wand needed a focus to channel the arcane energies through!

I immediately etched runes into the wand to provide a basic focus, and tried again. Unfortunately, this only allowed me to summon a small lamb, a mere reflection of the simplest of all arcane manifestations.

Still, the green scale allowed me to summon the whelp again; I wonder if there may be other items that may act as a focus for the wand, and summon other various simulacra.

Further experimentation is, as always, necessary...

- Willem West