Saga of the Shield Seeker

Unknown [World of Warcraft]

World of Warcraft

Gorvold Ironbrow was a great warrior. He was one of the few willing to brave the dangers of our lost past. His many victories were fueled by his cunning and collection of powerful artifacts from the older ages.

Braving the forbidden areas of Storm Peaks, he learned of a powerful shield, wielded by a champion of Tyr. The shield became his obsession as he scoured the continent in search of it.

After venturing to forgotten battlefields in the north, Gorvold learned that the champion went south with Tyr, fleeing the crumbling empire of the titans behind. Gorvold built a mighty ship and began his journey south as well.

Gorvold braved sea beast and storm alike, following the harrowing trail south. With guile he tracked the barest scraps of a trail across a continent to find a long forgotten battle.

Here he found stunted vrykul, the castoffs of Ymiron's edict, both worshipping and avoiding the site of a fallen titan keeper and his great foe.

From ruins Gorvold discovered the trail did not end here. After the great battle, Tyr's champion moved on. So too did Gorvold.

<the final section is written in a different hand>No one knows where Gorvold went or what he found, only that he returned empty handed, forever maddened by his failure. His only words were of how he failed the test of Yrgrim.

Gorvold threw himself into battle with near berserk rage. His cunning was replaced with reckless abandon, and ultimately fell in battle, taking his secrets with him to the grave.