Caruk the Simple

Unknown [World of Warcraft]

World of Warcraft

Caruk Bloodwind, known amongst our people as the first leatherworker in Highmountain, was the inventor of what we call "tanning". How he discovered this process, though, is quite a story.

As one of the oldest legends amongst the Highmountain tribes, details are vague. As the story goes, our ancestors would use the hides of the animals they killed to protect themselves from the elements of Highmountain.

Of course the hides would be cleaned, but even that could not prevent them from eventually spoiling and rotting away. As such, our people were forced to continuously hunt for more hides in order to survive.

Caruk hated the smell of rotting hides and as a result, he would fill his tent with things that he loved the scent of: bark, fruit, and the leaves of many different plants. He even slept on them so as to have them as close as possible to his discriminating snout.

One particularly hot Highmountain summer, Caruk would leave his tent, drop his hides to the ground and go hunting. While he was gone, the hides sat upon the ground with the sun beating down on them.

Day after day, Caruk continued his routine. After many months, he realized that his hides had stopped rotting. They even smelled as good as his tent.

From smell alone, Caruk could tell that the essences of the fruits, bark, and wood in his tent were soaking into his hides. The smell must have also pleased the nose of An'she, because the great sun spirit blessed his hides, allowing them to last much longer.

And so, our people learned the art of tanning. In time, tribes all over Highmountain began tanning their hides... and Caruk's legend was born.