Dark Keeper Nameplate

Unknown [World of Warcraft]

World of Warcraft

Bethek Stormbrow

Bethek's wanderings take him deep within Blackrock. The secrets of the mountain beckon him.

May his spirit never falter.


Ofgut Stonefist

Those fallen before Dark Keeper Ofgut's hammer cannot be counted.

The soldiers of the West Garrison bow in awe as he passes. For who among them can look into the eyes of Ofgut and see the secrets the dark key whispers?


Pelver Deepstomp

Dark Keeper Pelver is our most honored disciple. He has borne the key for longer than any, and it has cost him dearly. When he is called for his burden, he is guarded in the Domicile.

His sacrifice is cherished, and he will remain in our hearts for many years... after the darkness takes him.


Uggel Hammerhand

Uggel is a skilled and solemn chiseler, and when not burdened with the dark key, his hands shape great works in the Hall of Crafting.


Zimrel Darktooth

When the madness of the dark key takes hold of Zimrel, only the screams of the dying can soothe him.

For his sacrifice, he will always have a bench above the arena. May our blood sports temper the rage in his heart.