The General and the Grummle

Unknown [World of Warcraft]

World of Warcraft

Many generations ago, a Shado-Pan General stood on the Serpent's Spine wall, awaiting the mantid swarm. A young grummle approached him to drop off the last of his supplies, and asked if the General thought the battle would go well.

"If fortune favors us, we will win the day," the General answered, scanning the horizon.

Here, he spoke of matters the grummle knew intimately well. "Fortune is so fickle! How do you know it will favor you?" he asked.

Nodding, the General withdrew a coin from his pocket. "Let us see how the winds blow!" he said, tossing the coin into the air. "If it is heads, our defense will hold. If it is tails, the wall will be overrun."

By now, many of his men had gathered to see the outcome, and a crowd of soldiers eagerly pressed forward to watch the coin land. It bounced, spun, and came to rest. Heads! Cheers erupted.

The next day battle was fought. The mantid swarmed and the defenders prevailed. Outnumbered thirty to one, the defenders were victorious.

The grummle was impressed by the General's confidence and good fortune. "You put the morale of your men on the line!" he said. "How could you be so sure?

"Smiling, the General withdrew the coin from his pocket and held for the grummle to inspect. Both sides were heads. "It has been my experience that we all make our own luck," he answered.