Battlelog of Warlord Bloodhilt

Warlord Bloodhilt

World of Warcraft

Goblins and elves. These creatures are the very embodiment of selfish pride and narcissism. Not an hour passes I do not question Garrosh's acceptance of their aid in this assault. True, the spell breakers have been invaluable to our defense strategems. And Gallywix's forces have proven an amazing counter to the gnomish inventions being thrown at our walls daily. But I do not trust them. And though they live and die for the Horde, they have given me little reason to trust them.

I caught one of the elves deciphering a mogu artifact the other day. Was his information shared with me? No. Though I am sure Lor'themar has a full account of these ancient writings. The mogu did not leave behind pots and pans, they left behind weapons and ancient power.

And the goblins! Every time I turn around I catch one or two trying to build a new type of bomb. How we have not exploded yet is a mystery to me. Gallywix keeps providing us with new recipes for chemicals that will help in the war but I know he is learning more than he is letting on.

I will not suffer subversion in my ranks. If these activities continue I may have to start "dismissing" a few key culprits.