Sea-kissed Scroll

Unknown [World of Warcraft]

World of Warcraft

Today was a day of great dishonor. After a good journey raiding up the coast we came to drop off our share of the loot at our stash cave.

This time First Mate Torglork had other ideas, he and some of the crew wanted a larger share of the loot, so they jumped Captain Ironbeard in the cave and killed him! By the time the rest of us knew it was all too late. I did not want to be killed so I went along with it...

To make sure our leaders don't know, Torglork has taken the mantle of Ironbeard and serves as the new captain. Everytime I see him I want to put an axe in him, and then myself for letting this dishonor go on for so long...

With the invasion fully underway we have been reassigned to Ironfist Harbor in Nagrand, and will likely not see Tanaan again for some time.

I managed to bribe a warlock for some help. He swore this ritual and enchanted thing would bring back Ironbeard... mostly. I will head back to the cave and try to bring him back. Perhaps together we can put this misdeed to right.

The ritual failed... mostly. Ironbeard got up but he was still dead. He only remembers rage and the moments of his death. I told him of Torglork's taking of his name and he only grew more enraged and attacked me, driving me out of the cave.

I can hear him in there, raging against those that betrayed him. I will head back to the coast and return to the ship. I will find another way to restore my honor...