The Duel of Thunder and Strength

Unknown [World of Warcraft]

World of Warcraft

Long ago the armies of Lei Shen marched on Kun-Lai Summit. What free folk lived there rallied as best they could, strong and defiant to the end. They would not give up their land for this Thunder King.

But Lei Shen was not there for the land, he had come for its people. His empire was growing, and slaves were required for the building of its cities and fortresses.

So rather than attack the summit, Lei Shen boomed with his mighty voice: "Choose the greatest warrior among you and have him face me in one on one combat. Should I win, your people will submit to my rule. Should he win, I shall leave these lands in peace."

"Challenge accepted!" came a voice that boomed across the mountains almost as strong as the thunderous presence of Lei Shen.

From the mountains descended Xuen, the White Tiger. The August Celestial had seen the plight of the free peoples and could bear it no more.

And so began the duel of legends. Lightning fell from the skies and the ground rumbled with the fury of these two fighters. Sorcery was matched with speed, hate was matched with strength.

It is said this duel lasted for thirty days and thirty nights, and the emotions of this duel awoke the sha in great force.

But in the end, Xuen fell, crushed by the sheer might of Lei Shen's unearthly power.

"Your peasant magic is no match for my sorcery, fool of a tiger," Lei Shen bellowed. "I commend your tenacity, but your defiance must be punished."

And to the people of Kun-Lai, the Thunder King proclaimed: "Know this, those who would defy me shall witness the full power of my wrath! This creature shall not know the mercy of death. In these mountains we shall build a prison for him to stand upon for all of time. From this pinnacle, he shall watch and bask in his failure, as you and your children shall serve my empire as slaves."

And so Xuen was placed at the pinnacle of Kun-Lai Summit and made to watch as the pandaren and hozen were made slaves. But the tiger never submitted to Lei Shen's torture. In captivity, he grew stronger. His failure was a lesson, his pride now in check, and he waited for the day when a young pandaren slave would dare to challenge the might of the mogu emperors.