Edict of the Thunder King

Unknown [World of Warcraft]

World of Warcraft

What has become of my mogu? Look at yourselves. You are little better than the savages we once used to build our cities.

To be mogu is to rule. It is why we were created. Our words are laced with power! Those who do not bend to our will must be broken by our strength. There is no strength without unity. There is no unity without obedience. To obey your Emperor and to demand obedience of your subjects is the natural order.

When you fight amongst yourselves you fight against your very nature. There is an order to this world, a strength that flows from your emperor down to the very stones of the earth. Do not forget this. Together our voices shall echo across the land like the clap of thunder before a storm. You are that storm! Rise mogu! And reclaim your birthright as rightful rulers of this land!