The Saurok and the Jinyu

Unknown [World of Warcraft]

World of Warcraft

A jinyu once sat by the side of a river, contemplating this and that, when along came a saurok. The jinyu was nervous at first, and prepared to lunge in to the river to get away.

But the saurok raised his hands and said "I wish only to cross the river, but I do not know how to swim. You are a swimmer. Perhaps I could ride on your back to the other side."

At this the jinyu replied: "but you will stab me, or bite me, or try to eat my head."

The saurok laughed at this and claimed: "and this would kill us both. For if I kill you I would drown."

The jinyu thought on this and then agreed. With some effort the heavy saurok climbed on the back of the jinyu and the two began to swim across the river.

But as they travelled deeper in to the water, the saurok, without thinking, slew the jinyu with a simple, practiced move of his claws.

As the jinyu sank to the bottom of the river, so did the heavy saurok.

Even at the risk of his own life, the saurok could not escape his nature.