Unity at a Price

Unknown [World of Warcraft]

World of Warcraft

Armed with the power of storms, the Thunder King gathered together his followers and began the systematic conquest of the other mogu warlords. Most did not submit to his authority: the lucky ones were vaporized by lightning or trampled by his growing legions. The others were dragged off in chains until he deemed them "broken."

But many mogu saw in Lei Shen the unity of purpose that had been lacking in the generations since their masters had fallen silent. They flocked around the Thunder King's banner. They eagerly did his bidding as he enslaved the other races, believing - as Lei Shen did - that the "lesser" races should serve the mogu, just as the mogu had once served their masters.

Lei Shen unified the language, established a single currency, standardized weights and measures, and founded an empire. For the first time, the races of the land were united. The Thunder King considered their suffering a small price to pay... a mere weakness of the flesh.