Torn Page

Illysanna Ravencrest

World of Warcraft

I am Illysanna, daughter of the resistance commander Kur'talos Ravencrest. You should know by know that my father is dead. I am not the only one who lost someone. Our great empire, out entire world, is burning before our eyes.

Nothing in this war with the Burning Legion has gone according to plan. Nothing. Every battle we win is followed by two defeats. Every demon we slay is replaced by ten more.

Like my father, I was once so certain of victory. So overconfident. So foolish. Most resistance fighters still are. They hold tight to their archaic ways, unwilling to accept that we cannot best our enemy through conventional means. We are fighting something alien to this world, something born of nightmare.

There is one elf who understands this: Illidan Stormrage. He knows that to defeat the demons, we must adapt. We must embrace extraordinary new tactics. If not, we will die. It is as simple as that.

Perhaps you consider Illidan an arrogant sorcerer, or even a menace to our way of life. I once did, but my opinions have changed. I am writing to explain why, and to chronicle what I have learned of Illidan. Despite his dangerous reputation, I believe he is our only chance of surviving the days ahead.