Asari: History


Mass Effect

Archaeological evidence shows that abundant Thessian resources and their natural tendency to cooperate helped ancient asari develop city-building, writing, and agriculture unusually early. The tone of research papers suggests this is a point of pride for asari scholars.

After studying a number of Prothean ruins and developing their space program, asari astronauts found their way to the Citadel, the most advanced station in the Milky Way, deserted since the Prothean extinction. Later, when salarian explorers reached the station, the asari proposed a joint government eventually known as the Citadel Council.

The asari have played a fundamental role in galactic politics ever since. Asari commandos served with distinction in the Rachni Wars, despite heavy losses, and krogan occupation of the asari colony Lusia was the tipping point for the Krogan Rebellions. In recent years, the asari have devoted themselves to diplomatic service, including helping to negotiate the 2157 human-turian ceasefire.