Reyes Vidal


Mass Effect

Like many exiles, Reyes Vidal's screening interviews and personal records were corrupted during the mutiny on the Nexus. Internal staffing emails show he was a pilot assigned to shuttle N-503 call-sign "Anubis," but beyond that, very little is known about Reyes' life before arriving in Andromeda.

Since the Nexus uprising, Reyes has made a name for himself as a smuggler working out of Kadara Port. While most exiles on Kadara feel pressured to choose between joining the Outcasts or the Collective to be successful, Reyes proudly claims to be a "free agent" and even does jobs for the Angaran Resistance.

Despite being known as a reliable smuggler who always gets the job done, Reyes is notoriously bad about paying his bar tabs with the exception of Tartarus, where it's rumored he has worked out a deal with Kian, the owner.

Although Reyes revealed himself as the Charlatan to us, he has decided to continue to control the Collective, and now Kadara Port, from the shadows.

After we thwarted the Collective's coup of Kadara Port, Reyes has been on the run from Sloane Kelly.