Krogan: Culture and Society


Mass Effect

Krogan culture was irrevocably changed by the genophage. A society built on clan pride, conquest, and enduring any challenge could not survive the prospect of a quiet extinction. In the Milky Way, the krogan are a scattered and fatalistic people. Believing the genophage will never be cured, many subscribe to the idea of "kill, pillage, and be selfish, for tomorrow we die."

Krogan who don't become wandering mercenaries often live within clans with histories that stretch back thousands of years. Others organize under the banner of a single warlord, or into a "krantt" of like-minded warriors. The history and traditions of a krogan clan are maintained by respected shamans who prove their worth through grueling and secretive initiations.

Female krogan capable of producing offspring are valuable commodities. Most females live in separate camps, where they raise children until they are old enough to face Tuchanka's dangers.