Jaal Ama Darav


Mass Effect

Jaal Ama Darav is a trusted member of the Angaran Resistance, who has chosen to join the crew of the Tempest to observe and assess us. With our contact with the angaran species in its earliest days, Jaal is, thankfully, forthcoming on the subject of himself and his people.

What records Jaal has made available show he is a middle child of a large and prestigious family. He was raised by multiple mothers, apparently customary for angara, listening to tales of his family's heroic deeds and scientific discoveries from a young age. At sixteen, he followed in his grandmother's footsteps to fight against the kett, joining the organized Angaran Resistance as a tracker, scout, and extremely skilled sniper. In time, Jaal established himself as Evfra's trusted lieutenant.

Though I only have a small baseline for angara, voice stress and body language analysis suggest Jaal feels familial pressure to achieve his own heroic status. Jaal himself says only that "everyone needs their own story."