Andromeda Initiative: Jien Garson


Mass Effect

Founder of the Andromeda Initiative, Garson was one of humanity's wealthiest—and most eccentric—entrepreneurs in the Milky Way. Her business interests were wide-ranging, as she made her fortune from investments in a myriad of technology-related fields. Always a maverick, it was her vision of traveling to a new galaxy that set the Andromeda Initiative in motion. Ignoring skeptics and naysayers, Garson spent vast sums of money building or acquiring the necessary technology and ships to make the long voyage possible. It was a private venture, entirely funded by Garson so as to remain free from any government oversight.

In 2185, Garson began the long journey to Andromeda aboard the support hub, Nexus. In a speech given on the eve of departure, she remarked on the collective knowledge and history represented by the arks: "We carry all these things like the honed tools of an artist, to our great empty canvas. To Andromeda, we go to paint our masterpiece."

Garson is slated to serve as the overall leader of the Initiative upon arrival.

Unfortunately, she would never live to see her dream realized. She died aboard the Nexus when it sustained severe damage from the Scourge upon first arriving in the Heleus cluster.

Based on newly uncovered information, it is now understood that Garson was murdered on the Nexus upon first arriving in Andromeda, at the hands of an unknown assailant.

Though the motivations for her murder remain unclear, it has come to light that a silent partner—or "benefactor"—was the true source of funding for the Andromeda Initiative, a secret that Garson kept from the public, much to her later regret.