Ark Hyperion


Mass Effect

Ark Hyperion serves as the main vessel for carrying human settlers bound for Andromeda. Named after a Greek mythological figure associated with knowledge of celestial bodies, the Hyperion represents a breakthrough in intergalactic travel. Substantial money and resources were devoted to its construction, all privately funded by Jien Garson and the Andromeda Initiative.

Built to withstand the rigors of a nearly 2.5 million light-year voyage, the Hyperion is outfitted with ODSY drive core technology, which allows the ship to make a six hundred year voyage safely at FTL speeds. It features enough stasis pods to accommodate approximately 20,000 settlers and crew.

Ark Hyperion left the Milky Way in 2185 as part of the initial wave of departures, under the command of Captain Nozomi Dunn.

Ark Hyperion crashed on Meridian in the battle against the Archon. The ark was decommissioned; the vessel's internal structures are now being adapted for future industrial and residential deployment, re-designated as "Port Meridian."