Asari: Culture and Society


Mass Effect

The asari come from Thessia, whose vast element zero deposits form the basis of the most powerful economy in the Milky Way. Living in small city-states, the natural asari tendency to cooperate led to the loose conglomerate known as the Asari Republics. Government operates as an "e-democracy;" policy discussions take place over the extranet and are open to all. Decisions are made by consensus, or with the advice of politically-minded Matriarchs.

The asari military is relatively small and informal, but no less lethal. Small units of volunteer asari commandos, also known as huntresses, handle peacekeeping operations in asari space and were among the first Council Spectres.

Their thousand-year lifespan gives most asari a long view of events. Investments, social programs, and environmental policies trend toward long-term rather than short-term rewards. This approach drew many asari to the Andromeda Initiative, undaunted by the centuries-long journey.