Mass Effect

Renowned for their long life span, biotic ability, and diplomatic nature, the asari were one of the most influential species in the Milky Way. Asari explorers were the first to discover the immense Citadel Station, and it was the asari who first proposed the creation of the Citadel Council.

Asari are mono-gendered. Their unique physiology allows them to reproduce with any species via a form of parthenogenesis, passing on genetic traits to their daughters. Almost all asari are biotic, and the control over their nervous system allows them to hone their powers to heights few other species can match.

An asari can live for a thousand years, passing through life stages referred to as Maiden, Matron, and Matriarch. Asari Matriarchs are ancient and respected, often holding immense cultural and economic power, though no such frameworks exist in the Heleus Cluster.