Angara: Languages


Mass Effect

Angaran linguists describe between 200-300 "public" languages across their combined settlements. When accounting for "family" languages, spoken privately and passed down over generations, the number climbs rapidly into the thousands.

The language used by most angara across the Heleus Cluster is Shelesh, a lingua franca that was commonly used in the early days of angaran spaceflight before fading into obscurity. New connections between angaran settlements, and constant evolution of languages since their separation, means it has now seen a revival. Sources say "Shelesh" originally meant "to barter for the moon," apparently a joke or pun around the idea of trading between interstellar colonies.

Some terms:

angara, n. / pl., "civilized people" / "those who have put down roots." Derived from "anj" meaning "anchor."

daar, n. lit. "rock," the term for a village or small outpost.

jarevaon, n., "galaxy." "Jave jarevaon" literally means "our galaxy," commonly referring to Andromeda; while "Jarevaon Imasaf," "the Masaf Shell Galaxy," refers to the Milky Way.

paara, v. To know or to learn.

shena, n. The mouth.

tavetaan, n. A friend or trusted comrade, one who would be vouched for to the rest of the family.

vesagara, n. / pl., "uprooted people" / "exiles." A derogatory term for those from the Milky Way, most often used by the Roekaar.