Salarians: History


Mass Effect

The fortunes of salarian political dynasties dominate their early history. Most students require VI assistance to trace the complex interplay of trade wars, intrigues, assassinations, joint scientific discoveries, and treaties that created the current political climate. Some of the most famous, such as the Ten Traders' War, have been immortalized in long-running extranet dramas.

The salarians were the second species to discover the Citadel space station that serves as the political heart of the Milky Way, making first contact with the asari and becoming founding members of the Citadel Council. Their intelligence gathering proved vital during the Krogan Rebellions, and later led to the creation of the genophage bioweapon intended as a deterrent. Its deployment by the turians remains controversial to this day.

The salarian STG (Special Tasks Group) has played a secretive but vital role in galactic history. Specializing in information gathering and covert missions, it's believed that STG operators have ended several wars before they began.