Glossary of Terms


Mass Effect

A brief refresher of terms used in Andromeda Initiative literature:

AMMUNITION BLOCK. A solid block of metal loaded into a gun. Sand-sized particles are sheared off by the gun's targeting mechanism and then fired as projectiles, allowing a single block to give ammunition for multiple combat encounters.

CITADEL. A massive, ancient space station in the Milky Way that acted as the political and cultural center of the galaxy.

COMM BUOY. A communications buoy that relays data through corridors of mass-free space.

EXTRANET. A publicly accessible information network across the Milky Way, akin to a planetary internet on a galactic scale. Such a network is slowly being developed in Andromeda while communications are established.

HARDSUIT. An exploration / combat suit, usually armored with titanium or ceramic plating, and equipped with kinetic barriers to protect against hostile fire and environmental hazards.

HEAT SINK. Also known as a thermal clip. A detachable coolant-filled sink used to prevent weapons from overheating. They must be ejected and replaced regularly during firefights.

FLASH-FORGING. Immediate manufacture of a usually short-lived object from raw materials, using an omni-tool or other fabrication device. Omni-blades are typically flash-forged.

FTL. Faster-than-light travel.

KINETIC BARRIER. Also known as a shield. Used to repel fast-moving projectiles (hence "kinetic") but does not defend against melee attacks. High-gravity kinetic barriers protect starships from debris.

MASS ACCELERATOR. A railgun that lowers the mass of a projectile and then hurls it at relativistic speeds. Sufficient acceleration allows even tiny projectiles to impact with tremendous force.

MASS RELAY. A network of mass transit facilities across the Milky Way, used to immediately transport starships hundreds of light years. No such network exists in Andromeda.

MEDI-GEL. A sterile medicinal salve that bonds to flesh, immediately sealing injuries against bleeding or infection. It can be removed with a small ultrasound pulse.

MINIFACTURING. Small-scale manufacturing of 3D objects, often on the battlefield or for emergency repairs.

OMNI-GEL. A compound of alloys, ceramic, and other materials suspended in a semi-molten state. Used with an omni-tool to build small 3D objects almost instantly.

OSD. Optical storage disk. Can contain data, or the blueprints and programming used in minifacturing.

QEC. Quantum entanglement communication. Instantaneous communication using two particles that are linked at a quantum level.