Sloane Kelly


Mass Effect

Before her appointment as Director of Nexus Security, Sloane served in the Alliance, but was discharged after punching a superior officer for "bureaucratic bullshit." Some of the Initiative's senior leadership had concerns about Sloane's temper, but former Director Jien Garson admired Sloane's passion and believed her frank attitude and resourcefulness would ultimately keep the Nexus safer than someone who ran things "by the book."

Jarun Tann felt differently. Relations between Sloane and the new Initiative Director, while never good, quickly deteriorated during the uprising. Sloane was vehemently against using the krogan against the mutineers and took it personally when the Director went behind her back to make a deal with Clan Nakmor. Upon learning of the Director's intervention, Sloane switched sides and joined the rebellion. Although the uprising ultimately failed, Sloane gained legendary status among the exiles and amassed a group of followers called the Outcasts.

After leaving the Nexus, Sloane traveled across Heleus to Kadara Port, where she defeated an invading kett force and set herself and the Outcasts up as the ruling power on the planet.

With Reyes Vidal gone, Sloane remains the de facto ruler of Kadara Port. However, this seems to have brought little peace of mind to Sloane, who is using all available resources to hunt down Reyes and any other members of the Collective.

Sloane Kelly was shot and killed during the showdown for Kadara Port.