Remnant: Interfacing


Mass Effect

Remnant technology requires careful reactivation dubbed "interfacing," a process Alec Ryder and I first developed on Habitat 7. Using "glyphs"—dense data packets of Remnant code—a working understanding of their language, and the interface capabilities of a Pathfinder implant, I can help you trigger or control Remnant technology from appropriate locations.

Interfacing is the only way to activate certain Remnant technology, such as monoliths. Scans and surface damage suggest that the kett have repeatedly attempted to activate these sites by other, increasingly desperate methods, without success.

It is not clear whether Remnant technology is designed to be activated by an AI. There is no evidence of artificial intelligence in the Remnant structures investigated thus far, and Remnant bots have only rudimentary programming. However the glyphs contain recognition keys analogous to an electroencephalogram (EEG), implying that the system is designed to handle a form of neural input.