Kett: The Archon's Sword


Mass Effect

Identified in decrypted communications, the kett known as the Archon's Sword has a fearsome reputation. Her role as the Archon's enforcer takes her across the Heleus Cluster to deliver edicts and quell dissent. APEX reports that those who incur the Archon's displeasure—kett or otherwise—are pursued relentlessly by the Archon's Sword, often never sighted again.

In combat, the Archon's Sword is said to favor cunning over brute strength, cloaking herself with the same techniques as kett Destined before striking fearlessly. Psychological profiles, though hampered by an incomplete understanding of kett psychology, suggest she is completely loyal to the Archon and his ideals.

Her title has provoked discussion amongst Nexus scientists, as it either underlines her devotion to the Archon's cause, or it implies a ceremonial and historic role. It is possible that the Archon's Sword represents a greater tradition within kett society not yet understood.