Andromeda Initiative: Golden Worlds


Mass Effect

Golden worlds are planets in Andromeda's Heleus Cluster that are either the strongest possible candidates for settlement, or whose resources could bolster the Initiative's chances at long-term survival. Based on survey data and long-term projections, some are believed to be garden worlds capable of supporting life; others are mineral "treasure troves" that could supply fledgling colonies with vital resources.

These worlds were designated Habitats 1-7. While not generally used in planetary surveying, the term "golden worlds" was coined by the Andromeda Initiative's marketing team and has stuck ever since.

The Initiative's early settlement strategy revolves around these golden worlds. The arks cannot sustain a population in stasis indefinitely, and the Nexus requires vast quantities of refined ore, helium-3, water ice, and element zero. On-the-ground Pathfinder surveys are essential to confirming quickly that the golden worlds are suitable for outposts.