Salarians: Biology


Mass Effect

Salarians are renowned for their high-speed metabolism, allowing them to function on one hour of sleep a day. Compared to most species, salarians think and act quickly, processing both emotional and biochemical changes at a rapid pace; a salarian work day traditionally accommodates five or six small, high-protein meals to match. However, salarians also have a comparatively short lifespan of roughly 40 years.

Salarians are haplo-diploid egg-laying amphibians. Unfertilized eggs hatch males; fertilized eggs hatch females. A salarian female typically lays a clutch of dozens of eggs once a year in environmentally controlled hatching pools. Once hatched, young salarians imprint on their parents, ensuring dynastic loyalty through generations.

Their large families were a contributing factor to the salarians developing photographic memories, enabling them to recognize hundreds of relatives. Salarians rarely forget a fact, face, or grudge; a popular saying suggests "making a salarian enemy in the morning makes a thousand by evening."