Liam Kosta


Mass Effect

Liam Kosta is a human security and crisis response specialist with civilian tactical training. His screening interview states that he was born on Earth, but his parents specialized in interplanetary policy law, and the family moved frequently. Their primary residence was split between London and the Citadel.

Liam entered university for engineering, but left to train for law enforcement. Though initially driven, he was only briefly stationed as a police officer, and described leaving as a "necessary move for all concerned." He transitioned to the multi-species effort of Heavy Urban Search and Crisis Response.

If Liam was disillusioned in law enforcement, service records show that was not mirrored in crisis response. The human contingent—Heavy Urban Search-Terrain 1—reported that Liam performed exceptionally in all conditions. Liam says that this is when he learned of the Andromeda Initiative, after meeting former Alliance personnel at a "post-hostility relief action." His multi-disciplinary skills set him apart, and Liam was hand-picked by Alec Ryder to support the Pathfinder team.