Vetra Nyx


Mass Effect

The Andromeda Initiative's records on Vetra Nyx are sparse. She states that she is from Palaven but has also disclosed that she is not recognized as a formal citizen of turian society, never having entered boot camp. It appears she left Palaven at an early age, and spent most of her life in the outer reaches of Council space, never settling down in one place.

Vetra was recruited into the Initiative by Nakmor Kesh, who lists her as "a business associate" and recommended her on the basis of her "streets smarts, adaptability, and familiarity with most weapons." Vetra's only other recorded family is her sister, Sidera Nyx, who accompanied Vetra on the journey to Andromeda, on board the Nexus.

A footnote in Vetra's file indicates that she may have been part of an unnamed mercenary band that was hired to steal sensitive military secrets from a base on Menae. The culprits were never caught.