The Andromeda Initiative


Mass Effect

Brainchild of the visionary billionaire Jien Garson, the Andromeda Initiative was conceived as Garson's personal dream and a desire to prove humanity's capabilities beyond the military power demonstrated in the First Contact War. Garson officially began planning the Initiative in 2172, announcing her ambitious goal of launching a pioneering colonization effort to Andromeda within twenty years.

Internal reports show the struggles that the early Initiative faced. However, Jien Garson's personal stake and enthusiasm sustained the Initiative until the early 2180s when, after a sudden influx of investment and a new marketing strategy, interest in the Initiative grew afresh. Construction of the arks was completed rapidly thereafter, and the Andromeda Initiative officially launched in 2185.

The Initiative's mission statement is to bridge Andromeda and the Milky Way, create a sustainable, inclusive civilization, and push scientific development forward by centuries. In official literature, Jien Garson characterizes the Initiative as "continuing the search for humanity's next horizon."