Exo-Geo Studies and Planetary Detection

Elise Morgana

Mass Effect

Login: Elise Morgana

The Scourge continues to defy our best efforts to see through it without costly physical force. Flying blind is not viable, despite the continued reassurance that only Remnant drive systems act as attractors to the charged energies within. Until we understand the full mechanism of this weapon—and we must remember that it is a weapon—we need other means of navigating it.

Governor Shie has been especially forthcoming in the weeks following the claiming of Meridian. We have received additional data about Scourge eddies that has allowed deeper scans. It has hinted at the reason why the angara were reluctant to provide such information: additional planetary systems and—I presume—additional angaran colonies.

I must repeat that it is only a hint, and that I've assured Shie that my concerns are purely navigational. But given the aggression of even the remaining kett, I can't fault her caution.