Poker Log, part 2


Mass Effect

Game 4
Result: Couldn't help myself. Took Vetra down first. Still undefeated.
- Showed all seven bluffs that worked on Cora. Want to see if I can goad her into playing looser.
- Called Peebee's hand four times. Maybe she'll start slowing down.
- Doing all this just to change things up, getting bored.
- Scared of Jaal.

Game 5
Result: Yawn. Easy money. Jaal is clearly better than everyone else. Especially Vetra.
- Plan worked. Cora actually bluffed once. It was HORRIBLE. She was sooooo uncomfortable.
- Vetra played much cagier after being destroyed last time. I'm going to keep telling her she's dangerous. It's more fun when she's in a good mood.
- Peebee doesn't seem to care I've demonstrated that I know exactly what she has. She still bulldozes away. I'll keep flashing the red cape.
- Drack could learn a thing or two from Jaal: 1) Stop talking all the time (Jaal barely speaks, so he doesn't give much away); 2) Stop eating and drinking (Jaal never eats or drinks while we play; he stays focused); 3) Stop picking his nose (Jaal never picks his nose).

Think I have these chumps down. Next time, maybe I'll play with my eyes closed.