Re: Final Stasis Signoff

Director Jarun Tann

Mass Effect

[This is a stasis schedule with a conversation thread attached.)

Kesh -- I am NOT reviving that krogan clan, whatever the schedule says. This is neither the time or the place to have a hundred krogan clumping around with nowhere to go. Eos is our top priority. Addison needs colonists, I need personnel to organize everything. Exchange the names.

Director Tann


Tann -- I have three decks listed "critical" and another two about to go that way. I need mechanical engineers--today. Give me ten and I'll release the work crews for Eos. Their families can wait until we have a station that isn't falling apart.

Nakmor Kesh


Kesh -- Fine. But Addison gets her personal aides as well as the new selections for Eos. That'll take a weight off my staff's shoulders and we can get this sorry circus out of town.

Director Tann.